Infrared Illuminator

- CPL-L117A -

The CPL-L117A Illuminator is compact, built tough and has over 10 years of proven field service.

The CPL-L117A CCD Illuminator is designed to provide discrete illumination for CCD cameras which are operating in low light conditions. The implementation of the CPL-L117A CCD Illuminator allows CCD camera monitoring of areas that could only be monitored with more costly Intensified CCD camera systems. Each illuminator is constructed from durable light weight aluminum and includes several control circuits to ensure safe, stable and long trouble free performance.

- Long service life.
- High Capacity Internal Cooling Vents.
- Large Capacity Cooling vents.
- Dusk to Dawn Photo Cell Operation.
- High Limit Temperature Shut Down Circuit.
- System Reset Switch and LED Indicator On Rear Housing.
- Automatic Quite Running Exhaust Fans.
- Over Voltage, Over Current & Feed Back Safety Circuits.


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